My name is Stephanie and I am in love with Italy and the lifestyle here. I moved from Maryland to Milan in March of 2017 to live and experience a new culture and way of life before I decide where my life will take me next.

Here I am learning Italian, teaching English, and traveling around making the most of my experience. I will be updating this website with a collection of my travels, experiences, and photos from my journey.

Except for University, I have lived my whole life in Maryland. For me there is a sense of security in my hometown that I have not been able to experience elsewhere. I truly love my hometown, however I feel it is important to break out of comfort zones and discover new parts of the world and mindsets. In a way I was too comfortable there and needed a drastic change of scenery to discover my best self.

In 2013 I traveled to Europe for the first time, and after hearing so many good things about Italy, I felt that it was an overrated country and couldn’t possibly live up to the my expectations. In a way I was right… it far exceeded my expectations.

In 2015 I returned and spent two months in southern Lombardy finishing my student teaching practicum. While there I lived with a family and assisted in the local public schools teaching English. This trip inspired me to return to Italy a year and a half later to take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and begin working towards a life in Italy. After heading back to the states to acquire a Visa, I returned to Italy in March of 2017 and began this new chapter of my life. Now I am inviting others to join me on my adventure!